Vol 13, No 3 (2021)

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We survived PDF
W Cordier, C Nyoni 155

Short Research Report

Plotting through the pandemic PDF
J Marcus, B Nkuna, J Andras 157-158
From work-integrated learning to virtual case studies: Navigating an alternative to fieldwork in paediatric occupational therapy PDF
K van Niekerk, K Uys, IJC Lubbe 159-160
Pedagogy to probity PDF
H Roos, IJC Lubbe 161-162
An innovative, remote supported problem-based learning model in a South African medical curriculum during the COVID‑19 pandemic PDF
J Jayakumar, F Amien, G Gunston, L de Paulo, S Crawford-Browne, G Doyle, K Bugarith 163-166
Synchronous online pharmacy skills group work: A breakout room toolbox for teaching PDF
VA Perumal-Pillay, F Walters 167-169
How a global pandemic fuelled an all-time career high in emergency remote teaching at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town PDF
C Gordon 170-171
Innovative mentorship: Implementation of an online mentorship programme for South African medical internship and junior doctors in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa PDF
VS Singaram, KL Naidoo, NC Dlova 172-173
Breaking the isolation: Online group assignments PDF
S Adam, M Coetzee, IJC Lubbe 174-175
WhatsApp as a support strategy for emergency nursing students during the COVID‑19 pandemic PDF
Yvonne Botma, T Heyns, C Filmalter, Champion Nyoni 176-178
‘Going virtual’: Innovative online faculty development during COVID‑19 PDF
R Maart, A Rhoda, S Titus, D Manning 179-181
‘Goldilocks anatomy’ – data-conserving anatomy video tutorials during emergency remote teaching PDF
Q Wessels, A Du Plessis, K Van Niekerk 182-183
Stimulating students’ critical thinking skills in pharmacology using case report generation PDF
SS Mlambo 184-185
Bringing literature to life: A digital animation to teach analogue concepts in radiographic imaging during a pandemic - Lessons learnt PDF
H Essop, IJC Lubbe, M kekana 186-188
A ray of sunshine in the COVID‑19 environment, with a virtual sunburst elective PDF
A Turner, IJC Lubbe, W Ross 189-190
Saving student interaction by saving the Starks PDF
H Parkar 191-192
Planning and facilitating remote objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs) for wound care students in South Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic PDF
BS Botha, M Mulder 193-194
Anaesthesia skills and simulation training during the COVID-19 pandemic PDF
R van Wyk, EW Turton 195-196
Outsmarting COVID-19 through rapid 3D printing and flipped learning in fixed prosthodontics PDF
A Fortuin, J H van den Heever, T C Postma 197-198
The reality of virtual reality at a South African university during the COVID-19 pandemic PDF
BS Botha, L Hugo-Van Dyk, CN Nyoni 199-200
Teaching pharmacology online: Not just another narration PDF
W Cordier, IJC Lubbe 201-202
Reflection on remote teaching and learning of a final-year BPharm clinical training module during a pandemic PDF
M Viljoen, R Coetzee, N Hoffman, J McCartney, E Upton, M van Huyssteen 203-204
Learning during a pandemic: Evaluating University of Cape Town firstyear health sciences students’ experiences of emergency remote teaching PDF
N O Mapukata, S K Toto 205-207
Adapting an undergraduate dental objectively structured clinical examination (OSCE) during COVID‑19 PDF
R Maart, S Khan, B Kathree, R Ahmed, R Mulder, N Layloo, W Asia-Michaels 208-209
Moving fieldwork online: Innovations in an occupational therapy curriculum PDF
L Hess-April, M Alexander, S Stirrup, A B Khan 210


CPD questionnaire PDF